T is for Truffles

It is cold here in Canberra; it’s truffle season and I’m excited I have two little magical, round, nobly black nuggets in my possession. I would like to say that I got up at 5am and braced the frosty morning to follow a sniffing dog to the base of an oak tree… but I didn’t, I simply went down to the EPIC farmers market in Mitchell, a suburb of Canberra and followed my nose to Damian Robinson from Turalla Truffles’. 

The powerful aroma was intoxicating and the excitement of seeing a pile of these rare black beauties must have overwhelmed me. I asked the price of the largest Black Perigord or Tuber Melanosporum  it turned out to be about $150… Oops, “maybe I shall just take this small one”, I smiled and said to Damian.

Lucky for me or perhaps because I asked, I got an extra truffle for the promise of sending him the pictures. – Thanks Damian J

The Turalla truffle team

My foraging trek to the market in search of truffles, also turned up a melody of freshly harvested mushrooms, biodynamic leeks, a bag of chestnuts and some lovely fresh pasta sheets – so now I had the ingredients for a recipe floating in my head it was time to go home to prepare my “Mushroom & Chestnut ravioli with a truffle infused cream sauce”.

The spoils

The 2012 Truffle Festival is in full swing here in Canberra with cooking classes, truffle hunts and dinning experiences but for me, some fine dining at home with my partner and a glass of French bubbles sounds like heaven to me.


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