The Perfect Oyster

The Bluff

Oysters have been a long sought after delicacy around the world whether you are stranded on a remote island surviving only by the spoils of mother nature, sitting by a seaside town where the oysters are said to be ‘the best in the world’ or sitting in a Michelin star restaurant” ….the humble oyster may be considered by some of us as a nugget of pure wild and creamy joy.

In the words of the famous French Poet, Léon-Paul Fargue (1876 – 1947), who happened to be an oyster lover, “Eating oyster is like kissing the sea on the lips”.

So friends, it would seem only natural that one should try to sample as many kisses from the sea as possible, and my recent trip to Queenstown, New Zealand, I think I fell in love…..with the famous “Bluff Oyster”

Now, I don’t know the reason why they are sooo creamy maybe it is the extremely cold and clean waters of the Foveaux Strait, but if you get the chance to sample these little molluscs I would suggest you only invite someone you love to share the experience and what better place to taste them than at the  talk of the towns new restaurant owned by celebrity chef Josh Emett.

The experience of dining at Rata was truly delicious and the perfect conclusion to a day of Shotover jet boating and Ziptreking !!

If you can’t get all the way to New Zealand’s South Island then I recommend a trip to visit my mate Jim Wild down at Greenwell Point. Jim harvests the delicious Sydney rock oysters and are freshly shucked to order. There is something so refreshingly earthy about sitting by the river, with a dozen or two freshly shucked plump little beauties and a glass of French bubbles, laughing with Jim about why oysters are good for you.

Here are a few tempting images from adventures of a twisted lemon to find the perfect oyster :)

Sydney Rock with a dollop of Prunier caviar

Oyster selection Vancouver


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