Welcome Vietnam Style

Let’s begin the journey into the world of ‘Inspirational people’  and their connections through the love of  FOOD .

My first story comes from the journey I made with a couple of friends of mine, to Vietnam in 2011

Resigning from any job always motivates one to move in another direction and that’s exactly what happened early 2011. I rang a couple of friends …a chef, a photographer and a film production everything person and asked them if they wouldn’t mind coming to Vietnam on a whim to film a couple of ideas I had floating around in my head  - To my surprise they all said YES and within three weeks we were on a plane flying to Hanoi.

The only brief was to explore the markets, meet some locals and find some heart warming stories about food !

The results of this “spur of the moment” exercise yielded some very inspiring connections.

My vision for this blog is to share stories of inspiring people by way of visual content, either stills photography or video and hope that you too get inspired to perhaps Share, Inspire or simply Taste the joy in good, fresh, local produce. 

As the Ancient Greek Philosopher, EPICURUS, once said ….” We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink”.

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My desire is to, 'combine my talents from previous experiences and deliver inspirational content that will seed ideas in the fertile compost heap we call LIFE'. View all posts by thetwistedlemon

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